Lonely Street


I just can’t seem to get enough…


Boots and Leopard Print

I ran across this wonderful photo to share…. a good way to get back into the swing of things after my short and regretful absence from Bye Bye Blackbird.


The Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans houses an impressive collection of old medicinal bottles that stored (and some of them still do) elixirs, herbs, and downright frightening periodic table elements. Many of these “cures” once used to treat various ailments made me grateful for modern medicinal science despite my love of the old. The museum is located where first licensed pharmacist in the country operated, with all of the original counters intact. I highly recommend visiting this French Quarter treasure for a fascinating look into the past.

“As You Were”

The radio program “As You Were” out of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, hosted by Jillian Johnson is a breath of fresh air. I happened upon this program on a cross-country drive, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Enjoying Patsy alongside the Shangri-La’s while driving through the Louisiana Bayou was nothing but pure enjoyment.

The Sellers Indiana Hoosier

The Sellers Hoosier (1909?) that I purchased from the Spring antique mall is finally set up and equipped with the all the baking essentials. I love the attention to detail on this piece (there is even a place to set the rolling pin)! My dad was able to replace the tin top so that I can actually use it for what it was intended for… baking. Back in the day, before homes were equipped with modern kitchens, the hoosier made practical cupboard and working space for the cook. For me, the first baking project, though it may be out of my league, is going to be croissants!

hoosiercabinet.com was a wonderful resource for me when trying to locate a replacement flour sifter (yes, by damn, it even had an installed piece for sifting flour!) for my hoosier. While browsing the site, I came across this advertisement. It is for the 1917 model, but bears quite a resemblance to mine.